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    Our Governors are members of Burton and South Derbyshire College Corporation, a legal entity whose role is to shape the overall strategic direction of the College, recruit Senior Post Holders, ensure that the Senior Leadership Team set high and ambitious standards and to ensure that the College's resources are used efficiently.

    Burton and South Derbyshire College has a range of Governors drawn from various backgrounds (“external” members, a staff member, student members and the Chief Executive and Principal), who contribute to the College and also bring with them a wealth and breadth of experience. Our Governors receive no payment for this role. This constitution was determined by the Corporation itself in accordance with the framework prescribed in the Instrument of Government which is a set of regulations made under the Further and Higher Education Act 1992. 

    The Corporation has the power to vary its constitution within the rules of the Instrument but any proposed change outside this framework requires the approval of the Secretary of State for Education. Members of the Corporation hold office for up to four years (except for the staff member who holds office for two years and the student members who normally hold office for one year). 

    All members are eligible for re-appointment. Responsibility for maintaining an experienced and balanced membership and for ensuring continuity rests with the Corporation. The legal responsibilities of the Corporation are set out in the Articles of Government.

    Burton and South Derbyshire College Corporation Board have adopted a structure of governance based on a Carver, policy-driven model, and therefore focuses on outcomes and impact (the ‘ends’), whilst ensuring that all other statutory requirements are effectively met. 

    Our board boasts an extensive collective and individual experience in a vast range of areas related to Governance and they come from a range of businesses.

    Charitable Status

    FE and sixth-form college corporations are the legal entities that operate one or more colleges.

    The status of college corporation is both:

    The corporation is established under the FHEA 1992 for the charitable purpose of advancing education.

    Contact Details

    Contact Details

    Burton and South Derbyshire College
    Tel: 01283 494400

    Town Centre Campus

    Burton Town Centre Campus, Lichfield Street, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire DE14 3RL

    Stephen Burke Construction Academy

    Construction Academy, 21 Tetron Point, William Nadin Way, Swadlincote, Derbyshire DE11 OBB