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    Burton and South Derbyshire College offers a range of higher education provision, from HNCs and HNDs offered directly through the College to Foundation Degrees and Top-up Degrees offered in partnership with Staffordshire University. The Office for Students advises that a range of information and documents are available to students undertaking university level courses. 

    The following documents and policies relate to both higher education students studying directly through the College and those studying in partnership with Staffordshire University. 

    • Student Protection Plan
    • Template for a Student Protection Plan
    • Terms & Conditions
    • HE Assessment of Learning and Competence Policy
    • HE Feedback Policy
    • HE Award Validation Procedure
    • Feedback, Marking and Assessment Policy
    • Academic Offences Policy
    • HE Academic Appeals Policy
    • Careers education, IAG (CEIAG) Policy
    • Admissions policy
    • Disciplinary Policy (Learner)
    • ALS – Service Level Agreement
    • Harassment & Bullying Policy
    • Prevent Policy
    • Visible ID Policy & Procedure
    • BSDC HE Student Agreement Your Terms and Conditions
    • Student Council Constitution
    • Assessment Board Terms of Reference
    • Learner Bursaries & Financial Support Policy
    • External Speakers Policy
    • Annual Assurance Statement
    • Final Academic Regulations 
    • Recognition of Prior Learning Policy
    • Principles of Delivery 
    • Staff Student Liaison Committee (Terms of reference)

        To download these documents, please go to our Student Policies Section.

    • Learner Fees and Charges Policy

        To download this document go to our Learner Fees page.

    • College Adaptive Framework 
    • Safeguarding policy

        To download these documents, please go to our College Policies section.

    • Single equality scheme

        To download this document, please go to our Equality and Diversity section.

    • Self Assessment Report

        To download this document, please go to our Quality & Performance section

    • UK Quality Code (QAA)

          To download this document, please see the downloads box on this page.

    • Instrument and Articles of Governance

        To download this document, please go to our Governance section.

    • Access and Participation Statement

        To read our full Access and Participation Statement, go to the downloads box on the Access and Participation page.

    Collaborative Provision – BSDC and Staffordshire University

    Staffordshire University is committed to working with partner organisations to raise aspirations and improve progression into Higher Education. Collaborative partnerships enable the university to extend its provision locally, nationally and internationally.

    The university recognises that collaborative activity poses particular challenges for the assurance and maintenance of academic standards and the management and enhancement of the student experience. The university seeks to address these issues by providing clear guidance to both university and partner staff. Wherever possible the quality assurance and enhancement policies set out elsewhere on this website clarify how they should be applied within the context of collaborative provision.

    This page provides access to additional policies and associated documents focussing specifically on the management and quality assurance of collaborative provision.  These policies are aligned with Chapter B10 of the UK Quality Code for Higher Education: Managing Higher Education with Others.

    To view relevant documents and policies relating to courses offered in partnership with Staffordshire University, download them in the related documents box on this page. 

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    Contact Details

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